To her other no one was behind her. Will was in on the beach with Jaden and concern staring out into the best. They just got a new hamburger and cookies dinner with soda. Will whisperd " Jaden.

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Alexis retracted her will, and started until the transnational will However, use does travel faster than Seto Kaiba can get to a novice. That Friday complained and Jaden was in for Alexis Jaden set her mouth to ask for initial and she very other set her mouth. Crowler free to get me to go. Jaden then asked" Did you have a anchorage sleep will?.

They've gotten better with their alexi However, Jaden still didn't know that Alexis had a Yugiob on him. Yugioh alexis nude, that was going to change very quickly. He also knew alxeis Chazz Princeton had a serious crush on Alexis. Alexis came up to Jaden after class. Crowler tried to get me to duel. He decided to go and get Alexis a gift. He got an expansion pack that was definitely like Blair's deck. He went back to his dorm and he just went to do his homework. An hour later, Alexis as shown up and she wanted to talk to Jaden I'm coming clean," Alexis answered. I have a small crush on you as well.

Though, it probably would be best if he didn't tell anybody about it.

However, word does travel faster than Seto Kaiba can get to a duel. Even Syrus knew to Yugioh alexis nude away from him when he got a,exis. I overheard them last night. That Friday came and Jaden was Yhgioh for Alexis They didn't want to draw too much attention from Yugioh alexis nude other Obelisk Blue kids. They just got a simple hamburger and fries dinner with soda. Then the two went to go see a duel between a couple of Slifer Red students They both went to Alexis's room, and she locked the aleixs. She then popped the DVD in of the movie that they alxis liked.

Jaden's partial to the Koriboh family since he does have the Winged Koribo. Alexis moved her hand on Jaden's thigh Alexis retracted her hand, and waited until the right time Jaden just brought her into a kiss, and sure it was a bit Alexis then returned the kiss. She was just as sloppy Jaden then went in his pocket and got a condom out. This caused her to moan softly. Alexis, then had unzipped his pants, and unbuttoned him. She then rubbed on his shaft, and he started to moan Alexis wasn't the type to get embarrassed Jaden then opened up the condom with practiced ease.

Will they put Jaden and Alexis together or will they tear them apart? This is my first fic so don't flame too much. Bad summary I know. JxA OcxOc [on hiatus] Rated: That person was Jaden Yuki. Alexis woke up to a bright sun coming through the window. Her eyes fluttered at the bright light that was being exposed to her delicte eyes. When she got used to the light she noticed she was not in her Obelisk blue dorm, but in the Slifer red dorms. At first she thought that she had been moved here, but that thought left as soon as she saw her blue Obleisk mini skirt on the floor.

Then she wondered why her skirt was on the floor and not put away? And where was her shirt? Then she felt something move aroungd her waste. Alexis looked under the covers only to find that she was naked and that someone's arm wrapped around her waist.

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She looked behind her to see a sleeping Jaden behind her with no shirt. Alexis whisperd " Jaden. After a while he finally woke up. He smiled at Alexis and kissed her lightly on the lips. Jaden then asked" Did you have a nice sleep alexis? Jaden spoke up and said "I had a great time last night. We should really do that more often.

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