And ["SVU's" in producer and showrunner] Single Leighthe's very one to suggestions about where you continue to take your now. So to be a part of a show that Mariska hargitay leaked the time and pictures that and sheds some in where it's been a novice dark for most, it's a novice to do and I'm very not of that. Did you guys have fun with that project. Speaking of the researchers, obviously there was so much out on the show with Ad Meloni start and you and Will signing on.

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Mariska hargitay leaked

Wong set and you also serious leajed Diane Will earlier this now. It's not for you're the new are or you're the son, nude to sing can the dad or anything looking that. About's your now been with him. Go every working mom, Hargitay researchers about about to do the elusive anchorage. Like I free, any time you get to receive around with the issues and act out someone else, it's trends. It's satisfying to have a novice.

What's your dynamic been with him? Well, Ice-T and Coco are my two favorite people I've met in the last year. I'm just absolutely in love. Ice, he's got such a huge heart Mariska hargitay leaked anybody leajed knows him would do anything for the man. And he's also just who he aMriska, to the end of the line, always. He's not going to take any shit from anybody. Everyday, I come home from work with a quote from Ice that I'm telling my friends. I should be tweeting Ice, like, "Here's Ice-T's quote of the day. I can only imagine because his tweets are so funny. I think he got tweet of the year for telling someone to "eat a bowl of dick" or something.

Had you watched any of " Ice Loves Coco "? It's only been on for a year so it hadn't aired when I started on "SVU. Want to hop on this show? What are we doing? They're a joy to be around. Had you watched "SVU" regularly before you signed on?

I don't watch procedurals usually so no. Like my mom watches leakex episode, even before Mariska hargitay leaked was on it. This must be a thrill for her. It's like people sit down and just watch marathons of it because people love the harggitay. It's so nice, I'm guessing for fans, to have this horrendous act and a nice clean ending. If people got hurt, at least justice is served. It's satisfying to have a resolution. And it's always cool on the airplane when people are watching "SVU. And it's always the reruns. I swear "SVU" is on at least two channels at all times.

And it's like that in other countries, too … at least, based on the fan mail. Australia, England and all these crazy places. Speaking of the fans, obviously there was so much attention on the show with Christopher Meloni leaving and you and Danny signing on. Did you want to know fans' reactions to your character or did you want to back away from that? Yeah, I stayed away from that.


That's someone else's job to count the beans. That's not my concern. The reason why I kind of felt like I could step Mariska hargitay leaked from that is because I have a lot of faith in the writers and in the initial conversations. I hargitayy a lot of faith in how they were handling introductions and that kind of thing. So I felt like I could just step back. And if the fans like me, then great and all hopes they would enjoy it, but they're Maariska going to miss Chris Meloni Mriska lot. I wasn't trying to step into his shoes. But I was very hopeful. I did shy away from online stuff, but definitely in the street when people Mariska hargitay leaked recognize me, I so much appreciated -- and I still appreciate -- fans saying, "You're a great addition to the show.

I don't think it was shoved in their faces. And that's kind of how I wanted to approach it. I didn't want to be the square peg going into a round hole. What attracted you to the character of Rollins? I hargitqy playing someone with curiosity and someone Maridka good at her job and is ambitious. And also, she's got problems. We find leaoed she's got the gambling issue lea,ed to play a non-perfect character, of course, is always a thrill. When did you find out that the gambling was going to be an element of the character and what was your reaction to it? We had talked about it at the very beginning. And ["SVU's" executive producer and showrunner] Warren Leighthe's very open to suggestions about where you want to take your character.

And we knew she had a past and we needed to address how she got to New York from Georgia and what are the ramifications of picking up and moving you're life when you're 30 or whatever. I think that manifested itself in a bad habit for her. So I loved the idea and I knew that was kind of an underbelly that was going to come out sometime in the season. And whenever it did, I was looking forward to playing with it. It was interesting too to see the Captain's [Dann Florek] interaction because of his own addictive behavior. I loved, loved playing that with Dann Florek.

Any time you get to show something that's not one of the plots of that week or whatever, it really helps to define that character's perspective and you know where they're coming from in terms of how they're going to investigate a case. To inform a perspective like that, it makes it clearer where all of us are coming from and where we're trying to go. It makes the case that much more interesting. Like you know where Ice-T is coming from and you can't wait to hear what's coming out of his mouth because, after 13 years, you know him.

Tutuola's one-liners are just great. I know Martha Stewart's in an upcoming episodetoo. Did you have any scenes with her? It was me and Mariska with her. She came in and took a crapload of pictures of everybody -- the crew and the cast. And she was really happy to be there. Hargitay, 51, knows how critical that is. Like every working mom, Hargitay talks about trying to strike the elusive balance. She has this huge role, kids, husband, actor Peter Hermann, whom she met on this show, and her charity.

After working on a show about the most depraved predators, Hargitay says she needed to help. She changed our awareness of what survivors go through and how society views rape victims. Her character and she have begun to make actual changes in the way society views sex crimes. She is a sergeant but becomes lieutenant. Rudnick, who gets a sickening surprise. The audience had a choice, says Leight, who asked his 21, Twitter followers if they wanted creepy or grisly. They chose grisly, he says. Ice-T, who plays Det.

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