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So the plan is to get to know them, so they trust me, and so the next day hopefully they return to someplace I've rented and bring the kids, get them all in the same place so we can rescue all of them. Douglas is the first to get an update.

Just want to share a picture with you. Somebody snapped it, one of the guys out there watching, that's in the restaurant. So they turned up. The sisters have chosen to bring some of their kids. They came up to me and they all hugged me, but I thought it was a bit forced, like they were told to do it. You could tell that they were uncomfortable, and there was no secret why we're meeting. Doug, do you think the kids truly understand, do they realise that they're being abused, or is that their normality because they've never known any different?

It's the whole point that makes this whole activity so horrific, is Sexxxxxxxxxxxxxx you're Pinay cyber sex in daily motion on children who don't know, they don't Maroa adult classifieds the mental capacity to fully comprehend the situation that they're in. It's a really complicated situation, and your emotions are sort of back and forth. Part of you, you're delighted when you hear the operation is going well, because you know ultimately that means these kids are going to be safer in the future.

But then you have to remind yourself that there are no real winners here, because these kids are going to have their mum taken away from them. So it's very sad, it's very grey, it's not black and white. He talked with one of the sisters a little bit about price, and he gave money for transportation for tomorrow, and that's fine with them, and they set the time at noon, so With the success of today's meeting, the arrest and rescue operation is set for tomorrow. For Mike it can't come soon enough. This is the first time you're meeting them in reality, but you've already seen them being abused.

Yeah, these kids are in a horrendous place and I've tried to approach it, I've two kids myself How old are your kids? Pinay cyber sex in daily motion similar ages really to a lot of the girls that you see, and you're offered? And you've had to be patient to allow this to play, out so you can get them, ultimately. I can't imagine it. I regret it wasn't much sooner, that's what's tough about these cases. Why does it take so long? There are a lot of obstacles, investigating these from another country is difficult, you have different laws, on top of the fact that when you start meeting these people you don't know where they are, other than the fact that they're in the Philippines, where there are 7, islands.

If they turn up, the plan is the sisters will be busted at a private villa, just outside the city. We're trying to curtail this by making the supply end, like these two women, putting them in jail, making them more paranoid. If we can get away with making them as paranoid as possible, to where they stop doing it, we shut down the supply end, and also we are preventing our citizens from coming here and engaging in this type of activity. The US team here are currently working 64 cases involving child sexual exploitation. At certain times of the year, they're especially swamped. We have seen a spike at the end of March, starting April, there's more registered sex offenders attempting to enter the Philippines, this correlates with the school vacation.

We're investigating another subject right now that's talking to his girlfriend and asking her to participate in the rape of a ten-month-old baby. In one instance, the girls were made to dig their own graves, just to cause that fear, and have people watch the fear in these kids' eyes. I'll try and meet them upfront, I will show them round, and I suspect the kids are going to gravitate very quickly towards the pool, and I'll say "I don't want to give you money outside. They will arrest the sisters. Our hidden cameras will give everyone eyes and ears on the takedown. At the end of today, you're glad that you got these people, and these kids aren't being abused anymore, and continue this lifestyle.

But we are all aware that this is going to be a difficult day for these kids, I'll be the bad guy for sure. It's critical both sisters show up with all their children. If only one is arrested, the other will go dark and her children could be lost forever. OK, I just wanted to talk in here, not near them, so could you tell me which ones I can do what with? Remember we talk about "Alice"? Yeah, she can do what? Jane can do sex as well. Ah, how much for, um, sex? Are you going to have them come here? They can stay here. She seems a sweet girl. Homeland security, you're under arrest! The sisters looked stunned as the charges are read out. HSI have been waiting two years to bust them, but no-one is celebrating.

You know it's emotionally draining. Once they put me in handcuffs, my role is done at that point and that whole other part kind of takes over, basically, the kids. Ten of the kids are related to the sisters. The youngest is a two-month-old baby. All the children will be taken to a secure shelter and be given emotional and psychological support. Many survivors of this type of abuse suffer from post-traumatic stress, suicidal tendencies and substance abuse. They are unlikely to ever go back to their homes. After operations of this intensity, Mike needs time to decompress.

We catch up the following day. Last night I just wanted to call my family, talk to my girls and tell them I love them, and that's it. Yesterday was a tough day, the little girl, the 9-year-old was asking what they were going to do today, and she said, "go swimming, and he's gonna eat," and she said, "what do I have to do? Four of the girls they said I could have sex with, I could do whatever I want with those ones, they had even offered to leave the kids there with me and just go home for the night. Then at the end I had mentioned the little boy, 'cause I knew she'd abused him, I'd seen the videos of it.

She would tell me she would abuse him when he's sleeping. And then I wanted them to admit that they personally abused that kid, and they joked, you know, and laughed about it. During their arrest, the sisters showed no remorse or emotion. Having spent some time behind bars, I wonder if that's changed. Both have agreed to speak to me - they still don't know Mike is an undercover agent. So, can you explain to me what your relationship what your relationship is with the American? A friend she has on Facebook. Did either of you have a conversation with the American, where you told him that he could abuse the children?

Did you ever send this American pictures of your children being abused or taking part in sexual acts? I know that's not true, and you know that's not true. Why do you abuse your own children? Sorry we ended up like this. Are you sorry for the pain that you have put them through, or are you sorry that you got caught?

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