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Most men derive erotic pleasure from seeing a woman's breasts, Spank teen breast and some people derive pleasure in their female partner exposing cleavage. E — 25, B. Display of cleavage with a low neckline is often regarded as a form of feminine flirting or seductionas well as aesthetic or erotic. Breast fetishism is claimed to be an example of a contagious thought or meme spreading throughout society, and that breasts are features that have evolved to influence human sexuality rather than serve an exclusive maternal function.

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The majority of them were naturally large breasted and he occasionally cast Spano in their first trimesters Spank teen breast pregnancy to enhance their breast size even further. Shown here is the Tene of Willendorf28, B. Elizabeth Gould Davis argues that breasts along with phalluses were revered by the women of Catal Huyuk as instruments of motherhood, but it was after what she describes as a patriarchal revolution — when men had appropriated both phallus worship and "the breast fetish" for themselves — that these organs "acquired the erotic significance with which they are now endowed".

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